Frequently Asked Questions

In this section you can find answers on many questions concerning the functionality of our web-site. If you have not found what you were looking for please send us an enquiry through the Contact us form.

What is the purpose of button Repeat order in section My orders?

With this button customer can add to cart all products from any of previously confirmed orders.

How to combine two or more orders into one?

Combining several orders into a single one unfortunately is not possible technically.

Otherwise, you can cancel confirmed orders and make a new order with the revised total quantity.

Is it possible to change delivery address of the confirmed order?

Once the order is confirmed changing the address is not possible.

Alternatively, please choose in personal section the order for which you would like to change address, go to the link Repeat order, input another delivery address and cancel previous order.

How to cancel order or certain product from the order?

In order to cancel entire order or certain product from the order:

  • Go to section My orders;
  • Find the required order;
  • Click the link Cancel order.

Note: order cancellation is possible only before the payment is made.

How to find out about order status?

Customer can track order status directly in online store in the Personal section. Additionally he receives notifications by email when the order is confirmed, paid and posted.

In case of having any questions customer can contact the customer service by phone and receive full information about the order status.

How to return the product or to make a complaint?

Client can reject the ordered goods of improper quality at any time before the receipt, after the receipt within 7 days excluding the day of purchase. Return of goods of improper quality is possible in case it is in saleable condition, retained its consumer properties and the document confirming the fact and purchasing conditions of the indicated product.

If customer returns the product, online store reimburses cost of the returned order excluding the delivery expenses.

Client can return the product of improper quality to the manufacturer or seller and claim the reimbursement of paid amount during warranty period. Client also can ask for exchange of goods of improper quality or elimination of uncovered defects.

In both cases compensation is made not later than 10 days of receiving by seller the written request of returning goods.