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non-sinking knife

Dimensions: 245(130)х26х2.4 mm
Knife weight: 80 g
Blade hardness: 58 HRC
Leather sheath is included
License-free purchase and possession
Delivery set:

In the modern world, where we spend most of our time in suffocating offices under piles of paperwork, getting out into the countryside is considered to be a fortunate occasion. Many of us plan to spend their vacation not at a tropical resort, but rather somewhere close to nature, living in a tent, hunting and absorbing simple life outside us.

Alfa Alfa Alfa Alfa

Company Boccadoro is pleased to offer a high quality hunting knife Alpha with classic design forms, made from high-resistance hardened stainless knife steel of grade 95X18 with blade hardness 58 units according to HRC scale. This knife is an excellent tool for any purposes including dressing meat of wild animals.

Distinctive characteristics of this type of knives are lightness and buoyancy (if knife is thrown into water, it will come to the surface). Such features are possible due to specially designed structure of the handle, which has excellent ergonomic parameters and sense of completeness, while cork insert makes the handle warm and slightly scabrous. It is convenient to use the knife with bare hands as well as in a leather or woven glove, which cannot make the owner unhappy. The knife will not sink during fishing, collecting of shot fowl from water surface or for example during diving.

Knife Alpha is accompanied with leather sheath of inserted type. In addition the handle has a dedicated open-end hole for a knot, which is very convenient for putting through a leather knot and wrapping it around your hand so that the knife will not slip out during manipulations in wet conditions.

Knife Alpha has all necessary certificates of quality conforming to standards of a tourist knife. It does not fall under the category cold arms, purchasing and possession of this knife does not require licensing or special permissions.

This knife will be an excellent gift to a person who is enthusiastic about hunting and tourism or as a souvenir to a collector – products of trade mark Boccadoro are worthy of enriching any type of collection, simply because you will not be able to find another knife like this anywhere in the world.